Wabi Sabi – Relational Awareness: Mondays, 7-8pm Eastern US

Refine your awareness of your own experience and your awareness of other people, in relationship. An opportunity to pay exquisite attention to what happens within us with other people – and to be with other people in that exquisite attention, too. Builds on meditation and circling practices. A slower, presence-based practice.

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Kintsugi – Relational Cultivation: Fridays, 1-3pm Eastern US

Cultivate new patterns of being with ourselves and each other. Practice new relational grooves. Finding more meaningful ways of being together. A facilitated space to relate to each other in more exciting and fulfilling ways. If there are things you wish you could experience with other people, but find yourself held back – this is a space to practice freeing yourself, and allowing yourself to be with others in deeper connection. A spicier, action-based practice.

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Newcomers: First session is free! Come try it out and see if you like it. First monthly pass is $75.
Monthly Pass (includes all Wabi Sabi and Kintsugi sessions): $100-$150 sliding scale
Wabi Sabi Drop-In: $15-$25 sliding scale
Kintsugi Drop-In: $25-45 sliding scale

Payment via venmo @sofiajeannecaring (message me if you’d like to pay via paypal or crypto)

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July Anti-Fragile Heart Retreat

For the past four years, I have co-led a beautiful, awe-inspiring, and deeply impactful retreat each summer called the Anti-Fragile Heart Retreat. This year, it will be taking place in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. You can learn more about it at If you feel called to join, you are welcome to reach out to me directly, or submit an application on the website.

One-on-One Work

Working individually is powerful. There is a depth of focus, and of unfolding, that can be difficult to achieve in a group. If you would like to work with me individually, you can send me a message, or book a session. If you are wondering about my style or how I work, I encourage you to drop in for a group session. You are welcome to simply observe, although I will likely encourage you to participate as well.

Individual sessions are $200 per session, or $800 for five sessions.

 If you’d like to support my work, you can become a patron at or contribute via venmo @sofiajeannecaring.